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Several Chemical Engineering jobs exist for qualified persons seeking long term employment positions within a unique company focused on Process Engineering. These job openings represent career entry points into positions where ChEs will be challenged with the wide variety of technical issues that each new project brings. Project management roles are also available to those who enjoy combining technical, communication and people skills to facilitate successful projects. If it's a challenging career in the field of process design you seek, you possess both process design and plant operations experience, then look no further!

Why join PROCESS? - You will find that we are one of the very few companies that specialize in process engineering (applied chemical engineering). We also do not specialize in any one particular process or technology - almost every project is different. As such we are able to offer ChEs a unique and challenging environment to practice their trade without many of the traditional operating plant or large corporation draw backs (shift work, excessive travel, frequent relocations, layoffs, buyouts, red tape, politics, etc.). Advancement within PROCESS simply means more responsibilities + more rewards. You can advance while staying in a technical career path. Career growth is achieved through the diligent demonstrated use of superb technical skills to solve problems and make clients happy, no more - no less.

*NOTE: PROCESS is currently accepting applications for these positions, but is not actively hiring or conducting interviews as this time.

Dual Role Process Chemical Engineer

  • Commercial Chemicals - Gilbertsville, PA
  • NJ, USA
  • 31-Dec-2022
  • Full Time

Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Q-Cleared Process Chemical Engineers

  • Nuclear Services
  • Oak Ridge, TN, USA
  • 31-Dec-2022
  • Full Time

Process Design Chemical Engineer

  • Commercial Chemicals - Commercial Chemicals - SLC, UT
  • Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • 31-Dec-2022
  • Full Time

Senior Process Design Chemical Engineer

  • Commercial Chemicals - Oak Ridge, TN
  • TN, USA
  • 31-Dec-2022
  • Full Time

Senior Process Design Chemical Engineer - Alabama

  • Commercial Chemicals - Daphne, AL
  • Mobile, AL, USA
  • 31-Dec-2022
  • Full Time

Senior Process Lead Chemical Engineer

  • Commercial Chemicals - Gilbertsville, PA
  • Harrisburg, PA, USA
  • 31-Dec-2022
  • Full Time
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Working At Process Engineering Associates, LLC

Can you imagine a place where your skills as a chemical process engineer are fully utilized? Where you are continually challenged by working on entirely different processes on a routine basis? Where work hours are flexible and you control your salary by how much you work? A place without the bureaucracy and distracting trappings of a large corporation. Such a place does exist .... Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS).

Employment at PROCESS offers the advantage of being part of an aggressive, growing, process chemical engineering company. Our company structure, philosophies, and performance-based (hourly) pay affords each individual the highest degree of professional freedom practical in our field of endeavor and represents what we believe is the optimum way of conducting business in the 21st century. Employees are encouraged through financial incentives and potential ownership positions to develop their own business prospects and ultimately their own entrepreneurial service areas.

One of our goals at PROCESS is to provide a challenging and rewarding career experience for our employees over the long term. Unlike many engineering companies, PROCESS does not hire engineers by the batch to gear up for one large specific short term project and then let most of them go after the project is complete. We would rather pass up opportunities than manage the company in this way. Instead, we selectively hire based on what we perceive as the sustainable long term needs of our client base. This long term approach to growth provides a stable and enjoyable environment in which to practice the trade we love - process engineering.

Qualified engineers are encouraged to submit resum├ęs for consideration. Minimum requirements in general for employment with PROCESS include a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and three years chemical production, petroleum refining, nuclear materials processing, or waste treatment industrial experience. Special consideration will be given to candidates with experience in one or more of the following areas:

- process design
- process operations
- process controls design/implementation
- process simulation
- process safety management

Process Engineering Associates, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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